Ulisse (We called him Joey).  He is the name-sake and foundation of our kennel.  

Taliana (We call her Tali)
She's a 9 year old Black Brindle Cane Corso.  She's now retired and loving life!

ULISSE Cane Corsos
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We have Gray and Gray Brindle, Black and Black Brindle

 Cane Corso Puppies now available!

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Vinny and Luci Puppies whelped 11/13/15

Vincenzo (Vinny) is a 4 year old male and is Sire of the 11/13/15 litter

Luciana (Luci) is a 6 year old female and is Dam of the 11/13/15 litter

They're here!!  Puppies from Luci and Vinny were born on 11/13/15.  See the Puppy Pics page for a few photos of the litter.  Send emails to mdl2471@gmail.com or call
317-281-6787 with any questions.

Our Mission:

To provide Family Guardian Cane Corso pets that are steeped in Italian lineage, fantastic temprements, and quality health.

How do we do this?  

It's simple.  We are a small-scale breeder with very high-quality dogs.  Our pets are part of our fmily.  Cane Corsos have an  inherent nature and desire to be around "their" family and that's how our pets live, constantly in our presence.

We have three children (now 16,14, and 7) and our Cane Corsos love and protect them without ever having been asked or trained to do so.  This desire for the Cane Corso to guard and protect is a direct result of continual socialization,interaction, and handling from the day they are born to the day our puppies go to their new Families.


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